This blog is devoted to two things: (1) a place to memorialize my thoughts that otherwise have no appropriate forum, and; (2) occasional prompts for the Dungeons and Democracy podcast.

Part of this is to stay in the good habit of writing. Another is to keep a log of positions I currently hold and see how they might change, as well as why they changed. I grew up on the Internet but was not, like today’s generation, raised on it. Therefore I can recall all kinds of posts I made on early forums that I would currently find embarrassing. At the same time, I’m grateful for an experience that requires me to be mindful of how people mature and should be given room to modify their views.

All thoughts are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employer, family, and friends. It does not constitute legal advice. While I genuinely try to meet some floor of research rigor, ultimately this is something I do in my free time and caution that I will probably have some mistakes – substantive or otherwise – when I write.

My podcast “Dungeons and Democracy” will launch in April 2018. It’s my husband and our friends talking about issues of public import but through the lens of gaming and Internet culture. Such Millennial.