Blogger’s Remorse.

I’ve been quiet the past few weeks. In large part, that’s because of the holidays. I’d be lying, however, if some part of that wasn’t fear of blogger’s remorse. Blogger’s remorse is the retrospective embarrassment of having permanently written down your thoughts somewhere, only to reconsider them or regret them for fear of being wrong or saying something stupid.

Then I listened to the Ezra Klein Show – or maybe it was The Weeds – where Klein contrasts his experience building Vox with his experience as an early blogger. He laments that now, as a more established journalist, the dialogue is more about establishing and potentially proving a thesis (paraphrase) rather than the more exploratory task of musing on a blog. With a blog, he recounts, it felt more like a conversation where a person was free to be wrong, but there was a net intellectual gain in that exploration, so it wasn’t viewed negatively.

I’m trying to bear this in mind as I continue practicing my blogging. The whole point of using this was to memorialize my thoughts. If I come back and change my mind, fine, that’s good, reflection is good. If people who read it think I’m an idiot, they can go fly a kite. Besides, my audience is small, and most of them know me personally enough to actually have a conversation stem from these posts, and I’d consider that a pretty beneficial thing.

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